The MBF offers a unique set of strong features:

A specialized program

All banking and finance courses are specialized and advanced. The admission procedure leads to a homogeneous group of graduate students.

Clear mission statement

The mission of the program is clear and ambitious. Both former students and the financial sector testify that the MBF achieves its mission. The coherence of the program and the specialized nature of the courses allows the students to acquire advanced knowledge and develop up-to-date financial skills.

Financial insights are embedded in the macroeconomic context

The interrelationships between finance, banking and the macroeconomic environment are studied extensively. Advanced courses in the economis of financial markets and monetary economics describe the larger setting in which finance should be situated.

You will become familiar with the most recent techniques used in finance

All courses are strongly founded in academic research. Students will be guided through recent academic papers and encouraged to use quantitative tools and models to analyze real-world problems. An advanced course in financial econometrics will provide the students with the necessary background.

Enjoy interactive education and train your presentation skills

The broad range of teaching and work formats creates a stimulating learning environment. In the MBF a lot of time is devoted to classroom discussions and the presentation of case studies and papers. This way students train their oral and written presentation skills. They learn how to develop and defend their arguments as well as to (critically) assess the arguments of fellow students and teachers.

The integration of theory and applications

The MBF performs a bridge function between academic work and practical tools, applied in papers ans cases, often in varying teams.

Quality control throughout the program

The quality of the teaching staff is appreciated by the students, including their strong link with academic research.The quality of the master projects is undisputed. The quality of the graduates is solid; they all land in challenging jobs. The close cooperation with the financial industry offers many possibilities for synergies.

An attractive study environment

The city of Ghent hosts the largest student population of the country; the University alone accounts for 40 000 students, enrolled in 9 faculties. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is situated close to the Medieval city center. Theatres, museums and sporting facilities are within walking distance. Student housing is comfortable and affordable.